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Sylvie Courvoisier Trio (CH, US)
Sylvie Courvoisier (p, comp)
Drew Gress (b)
Kenny Wollesen (dr, wollesonics)

Without any doubt Swiss pianist Sylvie Courvoisier is one of the most interesting artists on the keys of our time. The permeability of her music is fascinating: behind almost atomized piano trio structures, innuendos of the great European tradition from Ravel to Stockhausen flash up. The breathtaking interaction of her trio with Drew Gress and Kenny Wollesen lives off the precision of timbre, textures and energies. Truly 2021 modern jazz at the highest level!

Die eine verabschiedet sich von ihren Moerser Fans, die anderen stellen sich eindrucksvoll vor: Das Übergabekonzert zu Beginn der neuen Improviser-Residenz ist immer das beliebteste Konzert des Moers-Jahres! Mariá Portugal, Kevin Shea und Matt Mottel haben es gerockt und dem Stream aus der improviser´s residency so viel Energie, Druck, Witz und Überraschung verliehen, dass es sich am Bildschirm anfühlte, als wäre am live dabei gewesen. Viele Klicks, zahlreiche Kommentare und ein großes begleitendes Zoom-Meeting zeigten uns, dass das analoge online-Format viel mehr ist, als nur eine dem Seeungeheuer geschuldete Notlösung. Go, Kevin & Matt!

Presale has started!!!

We saw it clearly - Bambi has just blinked. At last the presale for moers festival 2021 can begin.

Any questions? Find all the answers here.

The limited numbers of festival- and day tickets can be odered here.

In the anniversary year, the festival even gets two new improvisers in residence! New Yorkers Kevin Shea and Matt Mottel are no strangers to Moers. Several times they have been guests at the festival, especially as Duo Talibam!

Unforgettable their Big Impact 2018, when keyboardist Mottel faced a drum storm of 12 drummers – probably the loudest final concert of all the festivals! Mottel and Shea are highly imaginative, interdisciplinary artists whose political and social implications go far beyond the musical. For their year in Moers, they have brought a lot: they want to trace the history of German free jazz, which has built numerous connections to the USA since the 1960s. This can be seen particularly well in the programmes of the festival – how fitting for the anniversary year! Projects with migrants are planned as well as numerous actions in public space, let us be surprised!

The name Talibam! incidentally, it is based on a headline in a New York newspaper that has tried to heroically denounce the american bombing in Afghanistan, an attack that the two artists strongly condemn.

The project, which is heavily funded by the Kunststiftung NRW, is entering its 14th year. Every year, personalities from the international scene are invited to Moers as city musicians.

Kevin and Matt are now setting up in the residence at Kleiner Allee 10 at the castle and are preparing the handover concert with Maria Portugal. You can see this as a stream on Friday, 05.02. at 8 p.m. on the festival's website and on Facebook.


Picture by Miriam Juschkat.

Of course there will be an Improviser in Residence in 2021 as well! We will uncover the secret on Friday, 29th January 2021, streamed live from the residency. The concert in which Mariá Portugal says goodbye and hands over the residency will be streamed on February 5th, 8 PM live from Altes Landratsamt Moers. Do not miss it!

For the 50th time tenor berserkers, subversive audio agitators, electro nerds, angry poets and the legends of the tomorrow will invade a small village at the tranquil Lower Rhine: It is Whitsun, it is mœrs festival! An international sensation of the unforeseen, a celebration of acute senses - some people saw the world differently afterwards and came back even more curious the next year. We won’t disclose what will happen at the festival hall, festivaldorf, park and the whole city from 21. to 24. May 2021, we just let you know: It will be more different than you expect!