With mœrsterclass!, moers festival is offering a unique opportunity for young composers aged 18 and under to build a bridge between the stereotypes of "classical" and "improvised" music.

Over Whitsun weekend, up to four young composers will be invited to moers festival, where they will work intensively on their pieces with internationally renowned improvisers and engage in artistic dialogue. This process will culminate in a performance on the main festival stage. The type of compositions here is completely open, and can include classical scores, graphic notation, verbal performance instructions, concepts, audio or video. After all, moers festival has stood for all forms of music outside the "mainstream" since 1972 – improvisation, new and creative jazz, avant-garde, electro, new music, noise, minimal, installation, drone ... it's a big stage for everything that you won't find in the mass media – a big stage for the unheard of!

The only conditions are:
- The work has to feature improvisational elements.
- The instrumentation is as variable as possible, and for a chamber orchestra of up to 10 members.
- The duration of the piece is maximum nine minutes long.
- The work can have already been performed publically or otherwise published.
- Applicants can submit up to three individual pieces.
Participation is open to all applicants 18-years-old and younger.
Submissions must be emailed or postmarked by 15 April 2021 at the latest.

Send your compositions by mail to:
Moers Kultur GmbH | Ostring 9 | 47441 Moers

or per e-mail to:
Subject line: "mœrsterclass!"

A jury will select the most exciting compositions, and then establish contact between the composers and high-calibre festival musicians before the festival, in order to enable initial arrangements to be made before the first rehearsal.

We can't wait to hear your mœrsterpieces!